Before everything has changed

I suddenly realized that 8 years ago, I was preparing for the college entrance exam happening in the next two days.

I don’t remember if i was nervous, insomnia but I somehow felt the fate. Maybe I was not that nervous just because I believed things are determined already.

Eight years, so damn long. I grew up like rampant wild grass. I had wonderful encountering and they worked together to get me such a person today.

Good thing is that I didn’t lose my kindness.

How come I didn’t think of the exam for the entire day? June 7th and June 8th are birthdays of my two related acquaintances – yes so related that I can’t give up memorizing them.

But nothing is more important than myself right. I’ll be loyal to my old naive but golden days. As for others, hmm, don’t backstab me.

Happy b day tho.

Believe it or not, if u are destined to something you gonna get it finally. No matter how twisted your life is.

Now I’m again in the mood believing in fate. Just follow what life wants to go.

One marvelous thing about life is that u can never imagine how life would be in the future. The unforeseeable but settled essence is the best gift for our initial being.

Cheers to the almost-18 Lisa eight years ago.

Cheers to the Lisa inside my soul.


It’s been long

Two months passed and I almost forgot this place. Today I heard my boxing trainer is about to leave, and I somehow feel a bit sad. I’m always easily attached to people around me. He’s a good trainer and I indeed like his way of teaching. But there’s not any banquet that holds forever. My life has been stable for a while and I almost forget the classic metaphor that life is a bus – people get on or get off regardless of what I’m feeling.

But I’m feeling down, seriously. I didn’t do well in today’s training. I hope he has a good future ahead.

And these days, for some reason I don’t know, I thought of you again. It’s hard to find someone who catches all my suggestions or expressions so fast. Smart is the new sexy – you make it.

If, say if, we are living a parrellel line, please give me some luck to meet another you – same smart, fast, responsive and empathetic.

I miss you.


That’s a smirk. It suddenly appeared on my side, so close, so fresh. I can’t give up it’s like many years ago when I was trapped with the other guy. I have psychological issues I’m sure.

Eternal loop

When I was typing just now everything seems so familiar. Like has happened before. I’d like to choose to believe that everything is destined and keeps happening again and again. Life itself is an infinite loop. Whatever decision you make, you’ll make it in any way, because it is already defined. So just follow your heart, as it is only the current you that are not aware of your current choice. Everybody else does know it already.

Two years ago, same weather, same humidity

Sorry I just can’t help thinking of the past. Two years ago, right now, I was approaching the apogee of my life during the 24 years. However now, I can only slack on the bed while looking back with a sullen face. What the hell, I should move on. Life should be an upward curve and I’m not yet to die. The reversion cycle gonna end and I’m gonna spike. Save me give me five. Let me say bye to yesterday’s honor and say hello to current endeavor. You will have it Lisa.

I’m feeling extremely exhausted

The bad feeling comes back. What the hell.

The world is more capricious than I am

Just got an email saying that two girls want to rent my house.. I just made the decision to move to central.. If they contacted me several days earlier, or say, if I posted a few days earlier, things gonna be very different. I won’t bother the moving however maybe I’ll keep being stuck here. I. Don’t know if I made the right decision – is there really existing a right or wrong? I can renege and not move and pay much less and live in a much better place, but I chose to the higher rent less descent place.

I might be killing myself. Moreover I’m feeling sad, emotionally attached to the current room.. At least I’ve spent some really happy days here. The happiest days in HK though a bit lonely.

This is the time to believe in fate. I made the decision – to move to a more diversified place with luxurious and superficial motivations. Not sure if I’m right. Life will tell.